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General / Request for World Editor tutorial - In Depth
« on: November 10, 2016, 01:57:30 PM »

First off, if anyone from HB reads this, Well done on producing a decent snowboarding game.  Close enough to Skate controls, but with it's own fruity twist.

I'm trying to create some narrow, steep runs in the World Editor (on Xbox One), and either I don't know how to use the tools given correctly, or the function just isn't working as I imagined.  It's not park building or anything like that, just terrain shaping.

My main gripe, which i'd love to see fixed, is when placing snow in the narrow channels between rocks, I can't seem to choose whether it's packed/pisted or powder (powder being the 1 I'd prefer).  I've tried messing around with groom depth and snow pack height on an open section of the mountain, and thought i'd found a correlation, but when I tried to use the findings on the ultra narrow and steep route i was working on, it seemed to just randomly allocate piste or powder.
 Is it possibly tied to the area of the slope, as i can't seem to make it all powder?

My 2nd query, is regarding something I have seen asked already, and that is the ability to put in big curved banked corners (hairpins, Berms, etc for boardercross).  It would be better if this was just a feature of the sculpting tool, and not like a placed item thing.
I've managed to use the sculpting tool in a few ways to create sort-of banked turns, but getting it right on a tight turn took a long time, and it's still not the smoothest of ground, which leads me to my last question.

The smoothing tool:  I can't seem to get it to work like I would hope it does.  I can see it making a difference on open areas I tested it on (though if there was snow pillows/ridges, they wouldn't be smoothed out but merely lifted higher or lower depending on the parameters?), but when I've tried to apply it to my own course created on a steep rock face using careful Snow Sculpt tool usage, it doesn't do anything.
Am I expecting it to do what it does not? 

Just to be clear, I'm using a digital copy, so haven't seen a full manual if 1 exists.  Perhaps my questions are addressed there.

 I'm enjoying the game but i'd have to echo the sentiment posted by another user on this forum.  The game seems clearly designed to work around user Generated content, but unless the editor tools are improved, then the content is just not going to be there, and the games playability will suffer.

I would hope the kind of issues mentioned above would be something that was addressed as an update, not as charged DLC.

Thanks for reading!  Keep up the good work.


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